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InSync - Backup your important data reliably, quickly and easily

The InSync folder synchronizer efficiently replicates entire groups of folders, sub-folders and their files. Now you can perform backups or copy data from one machine to another with ease. We provide a free full feature 30-day trial so that you can compare for yourself and see the speed advantage we provide over competing products.
Simplicity and flexibility are important. InSync keeps things simple for those who want it simple, while allowing the flexibility necessary for more difficult and/or professional situations. Do straight folder-to-folder copies, or specify one or more source folders that can each be sync'ed to one or more target folders. Easily exclude folders. Include or exclude files using wildcards. Define and run multiple synchronization jobs. Clone or mirror existing jobs when new setups will be similar to previous ones.

Efficient resource utilization is the main purpose of InSync's performance-focused design. Save time and system resources by copying only data that has changed. For even more optimization, you can allow InSync to run multiple tasks at the same time. InSync's focus is on high-performance data backup, and for power users, mirroring and data propagation, too.

Scheduling convenience is built-in. You can run your InSync jobs yourself, or you can schedule InSync jobs to run whenever is most convenient. The powerful yet easy-to-use InSync scheduler lets you schedule your InSync jobs to run daily, weekly or monthly, at any time you choose.

Power users will appreciate InSync's advanced feature set:
  • Backup, mirror, or do 2-way synchronization
  • Include and exclude rules for folder and file names with wildcard support
  • Jobs on-demand or on a schedule
  • Simulate to pre-check any errors
  • Any type of storage media, including external hard drives, USB drives, CD-RW, DVD, NAS, Workstations, Laptops, Desktops, Netbooks, Servers, LAN, WAN, VPN, Networks and more
  • Any file system, include FAT, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, ReFS, CDFS, and UDF
  • Long path names beyond the legacy 260 character Windows limit
  • International (multi-language) characters in folder and file names
  • Concurrent execution of multiple jobs
  • (New in version 12) Sequence jobs with dependencies when running multiple concurrent jobs.
  • Concurrent execution of multiple tasks within a job (multi-thread processing)
  • Preserves NTFS and ReFS permissions, ownership, and group information (requires administrator privilege)
  • Backup and synchronization of locked files on NTFS and ReFS (requires administrator privilege)
  • 32 or 64-bit mode execution for best performance in OS native mode
  • Detailed progress and transfer rate indicators
  • Detailed activity log
A few sample scenarios where InSync will help
Example 1: You use your desktop PC at home, and your laptop on the road. Your files might be updated on either PC, but need to be kept current on both.

Use InSync in 2-way synchronization mode to merge folders on your desktop and your laptop, making sure both PCs contain the most recent files.
Example 2: You want to make a backup copy of some of your C: drive folders to a folder residing on your secure work group server. You do not want to copy the full folders, as they are large and this would take a long time (using up a lot of network resources). This is frustrating, because you know that only a small number of the files have changed - but you can't take the chance of missing one.

InSync excels at this task! It can be configured to copy only new files and files that have changed. It will also delete files from the backup folder that no longer exist in the working folder, if you choose. In addition, you can use filters to prevent files matching a wild card pattern (such as *.bak) from being copied.
Example 3: You maintain a set of tool programs on a central server for your large development group. Since access to these tools is frequent, your network traffic is high and developers are frustrated by network delays. You would like to place a copy of these tools on each developer's C: drive to eliminate delays, but you cannot take the chance that some developer will have an outdated version of a tool.

InSync can be configured to synchronize multiple folders with a single source. You could run InSync each day to synchronize all developers' tools folders with the central folder. Only tools updated in the central folder that day would be copied.